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Fitz and the Tantrums -The Walker

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Fri, 13 Dec 2013|

MIX 94.7 presented the SOLD OUT Fitz and The Tantrums show @ The ACL Live at the Moody Theater (Thursday 12/12)! Caught them during their soundcheck to find out what's up for 2014 for them! Find out what they THINK ABOUT ATX!


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What everybody we are yeah yeah you're watching mixed four. Yeah. Okay. Okay. -- okay. Okay. Okay. -- people watched the ball these. -- I think that I think to the locker can't really tell him where did they edited and we'll see what it is that they watch the world. And I -- -- Right yeah. Okay. Okay. You know we're going to Europe for the first and his return. Mark. You know express. Patience. We'll go there and come back to him again. Some proposals through. I hope. -- -- because they will be back here next ball. The. It's. Yeah. We'll. -- -- -- -- He's -- honestly this group got a record deal. Every time we can. True music town. I mean tonight's show was sold out and really. -- -- An apartment. He didn't.